10 Basic Home Repair Tools Every Home Should Have | Georgetown

10 Basic Home Repair Tools Every Home Should Have | Georgetown

Keeping your home in tip-top shape is no small order. There is a host of things that can go wrong in your home at any given time. So being prepared to fix a problem when it happens should be every homeowners priority (or at least until the professionals show up).

Here are 10 basic tools for home repair that every homeowner should have.

1. A hammer. Really, everything begins with this tool. You'd be surprised how often you need this tool if you didn't have it. It's simply indispensable.

2. Combination pliers. Second only to a hammer, pliers come in handy in just about every application (tightening bolts, removing screws, cutting wire). They are versatile and useful.

3. Vise grips. Need something held in place while you work on the other end, vise grips are your tool. All you have to do is adjust the screw end and vise grips can stabilize anything that fits.

4. Needle-nose pliers. Combination pliers cousin, needle-nose pliers come in handy particularly with electrical work or when you need to reach a tight spot.

5. Screwdriver set. It doesn't have to be a huge selection, but a few different sizes of both Phillips and flathead screwdrivers will suit you well.

6. Tape measure. An easy-lock tape measure will serve you in many situations. Try to get one that measure at least a 16-feet. 

7. Utility knife. For all of you precision-cutting (and scoring) needs, get a utility knife.

8. A power drill. Not so much a hand tool in the traditional sense, but for simple around the house tasks, even a small, low-voltage electric drill can be very handy. 

9. A level. From hanging pictures, to leveling your stove, a level is almost a priority for the do-it-yourselfer.

10. Tapes and hardware. Try to gather a collection of various tapes (electrical, plumber's, duct), and some different hardware (multiple sizes of screws and nails) to complete your set. 

Now all you need is a toolbox!

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