3 Great Home Remodeling Jobs to Cure the Winter Blues | Washington DC

3 Great Home Remodeling Jobs to Cure the Winter Blues | Washington DC

Can you believe that the year is almost over? Christmas is but a few weeks away. Seems like it happens faster every year. What home remodeling jobs did you get done this year? More importantly, what remodeling and renovations did you plan to get done that you never got around to or something else got in the way? Well, don't fret! Winter is the best time to strike a balance in the universes and do some work inside the home. Just think of it as a cure for the winter blues.

Here are just three.

Paint and Wallpaper

You're "stuck" inside anyway, so what better time is there to create an exciting new color scheme in your dining room, living room, or den? Add a new coat of paint the bathroom. Wallpaper your bedroom for added comfort. Install some crown molding while your at it The possibilities are endless with paint and wallpaper.

Kitchen Back-splash

When was the last time you did something dramatic in your kitchen that didn't involve a discussion with your kids? Then maybe it's time to add some flair by adding a new sink back-splash. New tile and grout may be the fresh air your kitchen needs this winter. 

Lighting Solutions

Winter can be very dark and dreary, so why not while you are out buying lighting and trimmings for your tree, you also pick up some brand new LED lights for your fixtures. They are economical, more efficient, and last years longer than incandescent bulbs. While you're at it, might as well price some new lighting fixtures too. 

The list of possibilities goes on and on. Just think of winter as the time of year that you get the inside of your home in order. Change a few things here and there, add some color and some light, and stay warm and cozy all year long. 

If you need help with your winter renovations and remolding, even if you are planning on adding a home addition, please contact us for more information on how we can help you. 



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