3 Home Additions That Add the Most Value to Your Home | Bethesda, MD

3 Home Additions That Add the Most Value to Your Home | Bethesda, MD

We all want one. But not all of them are created equal. Home additions can add value to any home, but not every home addition is worth your time and money , especially if your intent is return on investment. 

For example, in terms of functionality, a home addition like a bathroom will increase your home's value as opposed to something more aesthetic like a bay window. Which brings us to number 1.


If you only have one bathroom, adding a second will not only add functionality, it will add value. To find the best place for a second bath, look at your home in terms of how much you use each space. Consider placement in an area that is lacking a solid bathroom connection. Statistically, you'll recoup 55 percent of your costs and add nearly 20k to your home's value.


Every home should have an outdoor deck. Not only are they perfect for gatherings, grilling, and family dinners, they also add valuable square footage to your home. However, consider using composite over wood for your construction material. This minor decision can mean a difference of almost 10 percent value added between the two.

Attic Bedrooms

Any time you add an additional living space, you are increasing the value of your home. So if you are growing your family, and have ran out of room, look up. A dusty, old attic is a perfect place to begin. And consider this: converting an attic into a living space is markedly cheaper than any other room additions, by nearly half. And in the end, you will get back about 75% of the money your invest. 

Thinking of adding a home addition and don't know where to begin? Then contact us! We can help you through all parts of the process. There is no project too big or too small.




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