3 Home Remodeling Jobs that Cost Less than a Grand | Bethesda, MD

3 Home Remodeling Jobs that Cost Less than a Grand | Bethesda, MD

We all want nice things in our home. But many of the most desired home projects cost big bucks. Setting aside funds and finding the time to set up a man cave in the basement, for instance, or the know-how to gut and redecorate a bathroom may not be in the budget, but there are many things that are.

So while it's a common and acceptable fact that many of the most home remodeling jobs can cost 5-figures, there are several home improvements that you can do that won't break the bank.

Here are 3 home remodeling jobs that you can do for under $1,000.

1. Update an Old Bathroom

The average cost of a completely redone bathroom can run a homeowner 15-20k. But if you don't have that kind of money, don't worry. There are still improvements you can do without dipping into your savings.

- Replace fixtures, including toilet seats, faucets, shower heads, and so on.

- Update the deco motif by adding new rugs and a shower curtain liner.

- Install new lighting and mirrors. 

- Finally, a new coat of paint can set the whole thing off.

2. The Ultimate Man Cave

You can create a pretty acceptable man cave without too much on hand for right around a thousand bucks. How? All you really need is a space and a TV.

- If you don't own one that you can move, buy the biggest TV you can afford for under $500. It's the centerpiece.

- For seating, pick up a couch for around a couple hundred, throw in some bean bags chairs, and a few recliners.

- Get a few gaming systems (new Xbox 360's are around $99).

- Slap some paint on the walls and add a mini-fridge, and your man cave is is ready for Sunday.

3. Total Home Lighting

Take a walk around your home and have a close look at the fixtures. How old would you say they were? Like many homes, lighting fixtures are often neglected, don't work as well, and don't bring much to the table as they once did. Change that this year.

- Switch out old fixtures for modern versions that accent current style.

- Install new lights in areas where light is dim.

- Improve lighting in formal areas to chandelier or pendant style fixtures for an elegant effect.

- Install new, energy efficient bulbs for optimum light and savings.

Ready to get started but need help with your projects? Then contact us! We have been a trusted name in home remodeling jobs for 50 years in the Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Northwest Washington DC, Georgetown, Potomac, McLean, and Great Falls areas.


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