3 Home Repairs to Take Hold of This Fall | Kensington, MD

3 Home Repairs to Take Hold of This Fall | Kensington, MD

Every year, many homeowners grab the fall bull by the horns, and tackle all of their home repairs in one fell swoop. They work hard so that, come winter, any project they may have neglected doesn't turn into an expensive tragedy. Any why not? Many of the projects are simple and not incredibly time-consuming, but are super beneficial to every aspect of their home.

Ready to take part in fall home repair? Here are 3 to get your started.

Lawn Maintenance

The issue: Fall is called fall for one specific reason: leaves! Which are either beautiful or a nuisance depending on where they reside (attached to the tree or not). 

How to handle: Sure, you can rake them and bag them. A process that is time-consuming and back-breaking. But why not mulch them? Many mowers have a mulching selection (or mulching blades can be installed), a feature that can make the job easy, and is great for your yard.

Roof Inspection

The issue: You often won't know that you have a roof issue until you actually have a roof issue. But it doesn't have to be like this. 

How to handle: While we aren't going to advocate that you climb an extension ladder to inspect your shingles, gutters, and chimneys, what we will do is advise that you use binoculars from the ground. It's an easy way of seeing what may be wrong without putting yourself in danger. Then, for added personal security, and if you spy a problem, call a professional to handle the dirty work.

Avoid Furnace Troubles 

The issue: Your furnace is the work horse in your home (double that for HVAC systems). So when it is neglected, you add strain to the unit which can lead to failure, lowered efficiency, and unnecessary expenses.

How to handle: Keeping your furnace running as expected can be as easy as a few steps. 1. Install a digital thermostat, set it to run 10- to 15-degrees cooler when you aren't home. 2. Change your furnace filter every three months. 3. Check for leaks in your ducts and vents. 

Not sure where to begin? Give us a call! Feel free to contact us to discuss how our handyman services can help you with all of your fall home repairs.


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