7 Stellar Ideas and Tips for Bathroom Remodeling Projects

7 Stellar Ideas and Tips for Bathroom Remodeling Projects

2016 should be the year of bathroom remodeling for your home and family. A new bathroom might be what your home needs this year. Besides, working on indoor projects in colder months leaves the spring and summer open for more fun outdoors.

As most of our customers will attest, an updated and upgraded bathroom is often the pinnacle of their home (besides the kitchen).

As one of the most important rooms in the home, a bathroom also serves as one of the most necessary and utilized rooms in the entire house.

So, if you are ready to transform your bathroom into something new and great this year, here are seven stellar bathroom renovation ideas and tips to help you with your home remodeling project.

1. Don't let the size of the bathroom prevent you from reaching for your design dream stars. Small spaces have just as much potential as large ones. If you have a great or inspiring idea for your small bathroom, look into all of your design options.

2. Address your design ideas and reasons before you pick up a hammer or the phone. Ask yourself seriously about what you want and the design that you want to achieve. Don't be hasty with your efforts, however. Like they always say, slow and steady win the race.

3. Decide on a plan of attack and begin to truly plan. You may not have a design scheme in mind yet, but nothing is preventing you from working with a professional on how to get where you are going. After all, unless you are simply applying a coat of paint and stopping, there are many more things to consider.

4. At this stage in the process, it's best to settle on a motif or a style. Without a clear style in mind, the renovation process might hit some snags. Work with your design partner in deciding what type of style that you want and what will work best in your home. If you are having trouble with particular design elements, contact a trusted remodeling contractor for help with the hard parts. 

5. For great design ideas, hit the internet or the local library for styles. With such a large selection of choices for bathroom design out there, you'll be surprised at all of your remodeling options. Just remember one thing, if you can't determine what you want, it's okay to come up with your own style.

6. Tally up your budget, and begin the work. A bathroom remodeling job might take a few weeks, or it might take a few months. The factors for time and success are largely connected to labor, skill, the experience of your chosen contractors, and your money and budget. To ensure that your bathroom remodeling job runs smoothly, try to stay as close to your budget as possible.

7. Go shopping! Everyone's favorite part. Hit the home improvement store for hardware, fittings, design elements, paints, flooring, tiles, showerheads, fixtures, and everything in between. Just remember to stick to your budget. Pro tip: If you see something that you like but can't afford, add it to your list. There's a good chance (in the end) that you'll have reserve cash for the extras that you had to postpone.

Your new bathroom should be all about what you want. With just a little bit of planning and some extra support, you can easily and simply change your old bathroom into something wonderful in just a few weeks.

We want to help you with your bathroom remodeling project! Please don't hesitate to contact us today to discuss your bathroom's options.

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