Bathroom Remodeling That Focuses on Organization | Bethesda, MD

Bathroom Remodeling That Focuses on Organization | Bethesda, MD

Bathrooms can easily be cluttered with towels and toiletries. Those planning a bathroom remodeling should keep organization in mind when designing the new bathroom. It may not be possible to increase the size of the bathroom when you remodel but increasing storage space is feasible. Consider these tips.

Shelves and Cabinets

An obstacle to keeping a bathroom clean is not having a place to store necessary items. If all of the items needed daily are kept on the sink counter, it will be cluttered and difficult to keep organized and clean. Adding a shelving unit can help provide necessary storage space. If enough room is available a storage cabinet unit or cupboard provides significant space for storing bathroom items out of sight. 


Replacing a mirror with a medicine cabinet provides significant storage space for small items such as contact lens cases, lotions, nail clippers, etc. It is often possible to locate a medicine cabinet with a mirror front. 

Racks and Hooks

Having a place to hang towels, clothes and bathrobes keeps them from landing on the floor. Look for places to install hooks, towel bars and racks. Attempt to place items so they are within close reach. For example, towel bars adjacent to the bathtub are preferred. A hand-towel hook near the sink is ideal. If wall space is limited utilize the back of the door.

Built In Storage

When selecting a new bathtub, look for one with built in storage to hold shampoo bottles, bars of soap and other necessities. Bathroom vanities often include shelves or drawers. Consider what items you will need to store when determining which layout works best. Larger items like hairdryers and curling irons need the appropriate amount of space.

If you are considering a bathroom remodel contact us to learn more about how we can help. Smith Thomas & Smith have been remodeling since 1960 and specialize in kitchen and bathrooms. 





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