Choosing Countertops for Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget | Washington, DC

Choosing Countertops for Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget | Washington, DC

Many homeowners choose go through with kitchen remodeling. This is because our kitchens are a space that we enjoy much of our time in cooking, entertaining, and dining. However, kitchen remodeling is not always easy especially when it has to be done on a budget. 

One way that you can meet your budget goals is by choosing the right countertops. Countertops take up a great deal of the cost of remodeling because they must be used throughout the whole kitchen to provide enough space for your cooking needs. The most affordable choice is laminate. Many homeowners resist this choice because this material has been known to be less durable. However, there are many advantages to this material that many are not aware of.

Benefits of Laminate: 

  • Natural Appearance: Laminate mimics the appearance of natural stone. This way you can still have a kitchen that appears as if it has granite or any other material that will cost much less. 
  • Easy Maintenance: Laminate does not require special cleaners. You can simply clean with soap and water. Plus, if repairs need to be made the cost is much less than other materials. 
  • Cleanliness: Laminate does not require sealing like granite. This means that laminate is effective in staying clean and free from harboring bacteria and food borne illnesses. Plus, you can save on the cost of having to seal the countertops. 

There are plenty of reasons that laminate works for homeowners, especially since the cost of maintenance, installation, and replacement is so low. Homeowners working on a budget will find that this choice of counter space is one that will work really well for their kitchen remodeling. 

If you are interested in learning more about kitchen remodeling on a budget, contact us. We will help to show you many other ways to save while still creating a design that is perfect for your home.



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