Converting a Garage Into Something Useful | Chevy Chase, MD

Converting a Garage Into Something Useful | Chevy Chase, MD

Your current home may not have enough space for everyone.  You don't have the space or the money for home additions or home renovations.  An idea is to turn your garage into living space.  You can transform a large area into whatever you need.

There are factors to absorb before the makeover.

  • Where are you lacking space?
  • Do you need additional space? for what purpose?
  • Are you using the garage for anything other than storage space?

If you say yes to the second question, no to the third and detailed answers on the rest, the garage is the perfect space to create whatever you wish.  Here are some solutions to makeover your garage.

  • Bedroom
  • Guest bedroom
  • Studio apartment
  • Home office
  • Children's playroom
  • Arts and crafts room
  • Yoga studio / home gym
  • Entertainment area / home theater
  • Pet room

Once you make up your mind it's time to clean up items stored in the garage.  Move those items somewhere else.  Sell good items through yard sales and online merchant websites, donate it to thrift stores and throw away useless junk.  Items you want to keep can move into the shed, attic, basement or storage unit rental.  Clean the garage; sweep, scrub and dust the entire space.  Hire a professional to insulate the walls and assist in decorating the space.  Depending on the space, you are free to add a kitchen and bathroom - if you have the room.  The garage is a great way to use the space provided without letting the space go to waste.

Because the garage is important to many car, motorcycle and bike owners, make sure you have another garage or another place to park your vehicle before doing this project.  Taking that space away for a project like this may go against government regulations.  Consider return on investment if the garage is permanently transformed into a room; you may lose value if you decide to sell it with the garage room the way it is. 

We can assist you with a garage makeover.  It's cost-effective and timesaving.  We can provide ideas on how to make the most out of the space allotted.  Contact us for more information.


Photo Courtesy of Homedit Interior Design & Architecture






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