Decorative Bathroom Remodeling Ideas | Kensington, MD

Decorative Bathroom Remodeling Ideas | Kensington, MD

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, many people place the focus on upgrading for usefulness. While it's true that functionality is of prime importance to bathrooms, a remodeling plan should not immediately skimp on decorating things up a little bit. After all, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Why not enjoy that time a little more?

Transparent Blocks

They used to be called glass blocks, but today's transparent building material isn't the Art Deco standard of old office buildings. Glass blocks are more likely made of acrylics today and come in a vast array of colors, sizes and textures. A bathroom remodeling scheme utilize transparent blocks regardless of the budget. Just a few can be stacked to lend a frame around the shower or you could utterly transform the bathroom with a curved wall of blocks. 

Powder Room

Ever watch old movies where the women characters leave the men to go "powder their nose." Bathrooms in those movies are elegant places of sophistication. Bring home a little old-fashioned class and glamour by remodeling the bathroom to resemble a powder room. Consider tearing out a wall to add more space inside which can be installed a much larger counter area for applying makeup. A comfortable chair and a mirror that spans an entire wall. You might even really go all out hang a small chandelier for lighting.

Pedestal Soaking Tub

A decorative remodeling idea that will change the entire tenor of your idea of what a bathroom can be begins with installing a pedestal soaking tub. You haven't really enjoyed a luxurious bath until you experience the different between a tub making for soaking and soaking in one of those mass-produced tubs that are simply an extension of the wall.  A freestanding tub that can be entered and exited from all sides gives any bathroom a dose of class and decadence. And if you are looking for an excuse to extend time spent in the comforting privacy of your tub, invest in a deep soaking model. 

Window Whirlpool

Take a walk on the wilder side of bathroom remodeling by ripping out part of your current situation and introducing a corner whirlpool tub surrounded by a great big window. Okay, sure, a whirlpool tub from which you can look outdoors is best limited to those living in the secluded comfort that nobody is peeking in. But even if you live in a busy neighborhood you can still enjoy this remodeling idea simply by going back to the idea of glass blocks. Just get the kind that you can't actually see through. 

The Little Things

Those who don't have the money to do the whole window whirlpool tub thing are not automatically dismissed from the enjoyment of improving their bathroom with a little decorative remodeling. A very effective bathroom makeover can be accomplished by paying attention to accessories and small scale improvements. The introduction of copper faucets on the sink and bath, for instance. A splash of color in the form of shower rocks and towel racks.  Creative a tile mosaic on the wall or paint your bathroom floor to resemble a permanent throw rug.

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