Experienced General Contractor Gives Advice on the Benefits of Installing a Radiant Heat System | Kensington, MD

Experienced General Contractor Gives Advice on the Benefits of Installing a Radiant Heat System | Kensington, MD

Ever heard of radiant heating? It's one of the best ways to heat your home that has been flying under the radar for years, and comes with tons of great benefits. 

It is virtually undetected, because it makes no noise; no water filling radiators clunking and clanging; no air kicking on like jet engines; no dust being shot up from the bowels of your basement. Just simple, even heat throughout your entire home. It is also highly-efficient and incredibly comfortable.

Here are some tips from your local general contractor in Maryland on the great benefits of installing a radiant heat system in your home.

Even Heat is the Best Heat

It's a simple fact of thermal dynamics: when there is a heat source in any location, the greatest amount of heat being emitted is located nearest to it. Which is the sad summation of most HVAC and furnace systems in homes across the country. This is not true with radiant heat, which is installed under the floor and puts out even, truer heat throughout your entire home. Thermodynamics wins this battle.

Undetected Operation

As was eluded to earlier, radiant heat makes no noise when working. That means no clicking, clanging, clunking, whooshing, or whirring noises to distract you or wake you up. Just quiet, soothing heat that doesn't change from room to room.

Allergies Sufferers Rejoice

Traditional HVAC and furnaces have filters. Why? Because, as a system that moves heat through force, it also means that dust, microbes, and allergens are being circulated around the home. A very real headache for those with allergy problems. Radiant heat does none of the above, and because it is installed under floors and sometimes inside walls, it does not add to allergy issues in the home.

Efficiency at its Most Premium

There's no doubt that you current heating system isn't somewhat efficient if it was installed in the last 10 years. But even if that was the case, its savings don't even compare to that of radiant heat. That's because there are less working parts, no other components or elements (air or water) working hard to heat rooms, just simple, radiant heat... nothing more. After installation, the savings will start immediately. 

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