Four Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Remodel Your Kitchen

Four Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Remodel Your Kitchen

The remodeling and construction industry is a big business, generating an estimated $47 billion in revenue in the United States alone. But while projects the residential remodeling services in this industry complete can vary greatly, experts say that kitchen remodeling services are one of their most highly-requested tasks by far: contractors report that 69% of their customers want to focus on this important area. With an average return on investment of 63.6%, it is easy to see why homeowners prioritize kitchen projects. However, it is important to remember that this room plays an important role in the average person's daily life, as well as many of their special events. For this reason, if you are about to begin a general remodeling project, designers recommend that you avoid a few common mistakes they often see homeowners and kitchen remodeling services make.

Don't Ignore the Famous Kitchen Triangle
Residential home designers often swear by "the triangle," a concept that draws imaginary lines between the three most important appliances in a kitchen: the sink, the refrigerator and the stove. The triangle seeks to make it easier for cooks to move around and complete a variety of tasks, but designers say many homeowners and kitchen remodeling services make the mistake of putting other objects in the path of this imaginary shape. Islands are a common culprit. While adding features might seem like a good idea during the design stage, they will only make it more difficult, time-consuming and annoying to cook, entertain and clean. Save yourself the trouble by respecting the triangle.

Never Forget Function
While it is natural to get excited about your tile choices and cabinet options, these selections should come after you plot out the important things. Make sure you will be able to open every drawer and door, that you will be able to complete a number of basic tasks at once, and that you have plenty of space to work before you start focusing on the more aesthetic decisions.

Keep Up With the Times
You don't have to religiously track the latest trends, but you should make sure your design is modern enough to be convenient and attractive, and you should also plan to make further changes in a few years time. People change they way they eat and live over time, and your kitchen should adapt to these changes.

Design For Yourself
With all of the house renovation blogs, it can be easy to fall for certain ideas and designs. However, you might not need those huge appliances you saw online or quite so many cabinets, much less have room for them. Work closely with your designer and kitchen remodeling service to make sure your new kitchen is what you want, not something you've been sold on.

What common mistakes do you see people make in their kitchens? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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