General Contractor Provides Top Choices for the Best Family-Friendly Flooring | Bethesda, MD

General Contractor Provides Top Choices for the Best Family-Friendly Flooring | Bethesda, MD

Flooring isn't often on the radar for many of those who have committed to a home renovation. But it should be! Choosing your flooring last is a huge mistake.

As a licensed general contractor, we have seen and installed some of the best flooring money can buy, and we always try to help the homeowner pick out what is best for their situation or family.

The right flooring can make or break an entire room's motif and style, and the wrong flooring can cause major headaches. Especially when it involves pets and kids. 

Here are some of the best family-friendly flooring you can install in your home.


Oak is classic. It is a tough and durable hardwood that outlasts many of the homes it is installed in. In fact, oak is often replaced simply for the desire of something new. A lovely, wired-brushed finished oak is highly dent-resistant, and measures near the top of the hardness scale. It is perfect for families with lots of foot traffic.


Looking for flooring that is just a bit tougher? Then check out bamboo. Bamboo is made by simply compressing fibers and compacted them into form. What results is a beautiful flooring that measures twice as tough as oak on the toughness scale. Plus it is eco-friendly because of how fast bamboo regrows and produces. 

Natural Australian Cyprus

If unique elegance is what you desire, then Natural Australian Cyprus is what you need. Borne of the tree of the same name, Natural Australian Cyprus is known for it's knotty, cream and honey colors, and its durability and toughness. Additionally, many manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their Natural Australian Cyprus flooring, so how can you go wrong?

For more information on how we can help you select and install the perfect flooring in your home, contact us any time.






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