General Contractor Talks About the Longevity of Home Basics | Kensington, MD

General Contractor Talks About the Longevity of Home Basics | Kensington, MD

Homes have many things that can either last a long time, or can breakdown only years after purchase or installation. Sometimes with good reason, sometimes because of faulty manufacturing. Alongside the misery of having to replace a roof or a furnace, is the fact that the expense can run you into the tens of thousands of dollars.

So how long can you expect the basics in your home to last? Let a knowledgeable and trusted general contractor tell you.

Roofs: As mentioned in the introduction, roofs are expensive if you need it all replaced. Metal and stone roofs (like copper, slate, and tile) can last 50+ years; wood about 30 years; and asphalt/shingle 25 or so years. It's also important to consider climate when figuring longevity.

AC Units: Outdoor cooling units have the worst experience working all day in the heat and sun, especially if they are left to do their job with no servicing. For a well-kept unit, look for it to last around 10-15 years.

Water Heaters: Conventional water heaters (gas and electric) last 10-12 years. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, can last 20-25 years, as long as your water isn't incredibly hard.

Furnaces: Furnaces run the gamut of life expectancy. But for the most part, they will last 20-25 years. It's possible to eek a bit more out of them if you have them serviced regularly.

Decks: Even sealed, treated lumber can't last forever, even though you'd love for it to. In the northern states, decks that aren't exposed to constant heat can last 20-25 years. Contrarily, decks in the south typically only last 10-15 years because of humidity and heat.

Windows: Wood windows (if manufactured well) can last 30+ years. Whereas aluminum only lasts 10-15 years, which may the opposite of what you've been told. 

To protect your investments, have what you love looked after and cared for. Regular service and inspections will keep the things that make your life easier last even longer.

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