Home Additions, New Kitchens, or Redecorated Baths... What's Your 2015 Resolution? | Chevy Chase, MD

Home Additions, New Kitchens, or Redecorated Baths... What's Your 2015 Resolution? | Chevy Chase, MD

And just like that, we wave goodbye to 2014. It happened so fast! So what will you be doing in your home to ring in the new year? Is it time to renovate that bathroom? Redecorate the kitchen? Or time to finally plan out a new home addition

Whatever you chose, here are some great New Year's resolutions for 2015.

Time to Streamline

What kind of flow does your home follow? Are there aspects about your living room that really grind your gears? Then it's time to streamline and declutter.

Every year we acquire more things, and sometimes these things start to takeover and pile up. So this year, change things. Travel room-to-room and remove things you don't need or use, or things that are simply taking up space. Clearing and cleaning will free up space in your dwelling as well as your mind.

Safe and Sound

Sometimes the things we can't see are the most dangerous, that's why we recommend that you take a close look at things that could be potentially dangerous and hiding where you can't see.

Radon gas: It lives in dark, damp places (like many basements). Start with a detection kit. Then, once you have established clarity, set up a full time detector to alert you if gas levels rise.

Smoke detectors: Make 2015 the beginning of an additional tradition: change out your smoke detector batteries. That one thing has the potential to save lives.

Carbon monoxide: Another odorless, colorless gas, carbon monoxide, when left alone, can be dangerous. Test first, then set up a permanent detector. 

Go Green in 2015

No, we don't mean solar panels and hybrid cars, we mean, simply, find ways to cut usage and, by proxy, cut costs in your home.


Always turning off lights when you exit rooms.

Install a digital thermostat to program ideal temps at ideal times.

Switch to compact fluorescent bulbs in all fixtures.

Beware of power vampires that bleed out energy when not in use.

Set up periods of the week when you and your family conserve water and power. 

We hope you had a wonderful 2014 and have an even better 2015. For more information on how we can make all of your renovation dreams come true, contact us any time.





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