Home Additions: Perfect for Those Who Can't Move | Chevy Chase, MD

Home Additions: Perfect for Those Who Can't Move | Chevy Chase, MD

Due to the housing crisis of recent years, a large number of growing families are unable to upgrade to a larger house. That's because the house is still underwater, and selling the house would mean having to bring money to the settlement table. Therefore, many homeowners have decided to stay in their starter homes until they gain more equity.

Home Additions Make Starter Homes More Comfortable

Couples unable to move out of starter homes are finding themselves outgrowing their homes as they enter their childbearing years. Fortunately, there is another option besides trying to squeeze the growing family into the tight living spaces. Couples who aren't quite ready to upgrade to a bigger house can make their current home larger with home additions.

Add a Bedroom to Gain Privacy

One of the best ways to make living in a smaller house comfortable for a growing family is to add another bedroom. Kids love to have a room that they can call their own. So if adding a bedroom will allow each of your kids to have their own room, they are really going to love you for it. And if the children are older, they will really appreciate the newfound privacy that comes with having individual rooms.

Bathroom Addition Helps to Save Time

Getting ready in the morning can be quite the chore when the number of people living in the house outnumbers the number of bathrooms. Hence, it can really make life easier to have a bathroom added to your house. With another bathroom, you will no longer hear banging on the bathroom door throughout the morning. Also, you will have less incidents of running late in the morning. That is because there will be less waiting in line to use the bathroom. So everyone takes less time getting ready and avoids being late.

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