Home Maintenance Tasks our Handyman Services can Help you With | Chevy Chase, MD

Home Maintenance Tasks our Handyman Services can Help you With | Chevy Chase, MD

Part of being a homeowner involves having certain repairs performed from time to time. Not all repairs require the services of a professional, as you can save some money by allowing us to perform some of them for you. Here are a few tasks our handyman service can easily take care of for you.

Leaky Faucets

Most of the time, leaky faucets are caused by worn washers that can be replaced rather quickly. To remove a washer, we’ll shut off the water supply to your faucet so we can then go to work fixing the problem. We’ll ensure everything is put back together properly, and will then check to see that your leak has been taken care of.

Unclogging a Toilet

When a plunger fails to unclog a toilet, the problem may require the use of a snake or auger. This takes some skill in order to do correctly, which is why you shouldn’t attempt it at home. Our technicians can usually get your toilet unclogged rather quickly, so you can avoid calling a plumber to handle the problem.


Caulking is something everyone needs, but since it can be time consuming, not everyone does it. Others avoid caulking because they find using a caulking gun awkward to do or do not wish to climb on ladders. Allowing us to caulk around your doors and windows will save you valuable energy dollars, and you’ll never have to get your hands messy. Many times, we can even replace broken windowpanes by caulking them in place and then allowing the caulk to dry.

If you have items such as these that need attention, you don’t have to hire an expensive contractor to take care of the repairs for you. Contact us instead for fast, friendly and reliable service.


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