Home Renovations: Basement Remodel Means Extra Square Footage | Georgetown

Home Renovations: Basement Remodel Means Extra Square Footage | Georgetown

Have you been putting off a basement home renovation for what seems like months (years?), and have finally come to the conclusion that this year, after all this time, is finally the year you are going to get your ducks in a row and dive in? If you answered yes, then you're in luck. Here is everything you need to know about renovating your basement.


Don't be fooled by what you've seen on TV, hanging drywall is actually fairly simple (and rewarding). What to not expect, however, is that you can complete the entire process in 8 hours. To be that quick and accurate requires years of experience, so work at your own pace.

Practice makes perfect, so work section by section and it'll all come together. Don't worry excessively about mistakes near the floor and ceiling, they can easily be covered by trim and molding. Focus your efforts on getting your seems right, screwing in screws to a counter-sunk depth, and paint. Each section will get easier so keep at it.


We aren't going to tell you to do this part yourself unless you have experience and are comfortable with the process. While it's true that doing the wiring can save you money, it can also be very dangerous. Consider hiring a professional electrician for his part if you are unsure.


There are many ways to cover your basement floor (too many to cover in this short of a post). So we'll focus on one that is easy to do and has great success: concrete staining. Why staining? Because of two things.

1. Every basement is concrete. So we're already off a to a great start.

2. The staining process is easy to do, covers up any issues with the concrete, and can be tinted to whatever color you would like. 

Add some areas rugs and your floor is complete. Just be sure you pick a color that you will like a few years down the road. Concrete stain is permanent.

What you choose to do after these basic elements is entirely up to you. Many people will turn their basement into a second living area, some use it for an extra bedroom, while others maintain it is a play area for kids (and adults).

The bottom line, your basement is like a gold mine of extra square footage. So use it wisely.

For more information on how we can help you get the basement renovation of your dreams, contact us any time.


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