Home Renovations: Redecorating Your Master Bedroom | Kensington, MD

Home Renovations: Redecorating Your Master Bedroom | Kensington, MD

Well... it's fall. Which means that for a lot of homeowners, they will be weathering the long, cold days by doing a few home renovations to pass the time. But what do you do if your kitchen is beautiful, your bathroom is magnificent, and your living room is to die for? The master bedroom of course!

So for the weekend warrior chomping at the bit for a project this season, here are some of fall's hottest master bedroom trends.

1. Reclaimed Materials

It's been done to coffee tables for years. You take an old wire spool or piece if barn wood, and you refashion it into something great and useful. Well, now the exact same process is being done for headboards and nightstands. Old and raw woods, like pines and cedars, are perfect for the job. It adds old world charm with a modern flair, and looks spectacular.

2. Commercial-Grade Style

Industrial style is another great way of achieving a modern feel in your master bedroom. "Industrial chic," as it is called by designers, pairs turn of the century industry-themed designs with modern home panache. It's a minimalist approach which features metals and old hardware coupled with modern day amenities. Top off the look with old billboard signs and over-sized "working man" clocks.

3. Neutral But Not Bland

Neutral tones have gotten a bad rap over the years. But only because people never use them correctly. The best way to make neutral work in a master bedroom is to pair it with statement lighting, fabric backdrops, and eye-catching designs. Neutrals bring a simple, mind-soothing comfort to any master bedroom, and will no doubt remain in fashion for decades to come.

Your master bedroom is the one room in your house where you can unwind and relax after a long day. Consider contacting us to discuss how we can help you achieve the look you've been longing for.


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