Home Repair: 5 DIY Door Repairs for Common Problems | Georgetown

Home Repair: 5 DIY Door Repairs for Common Problems | Georgetown

In any one house, on any given day, problems exist. Home repair and DIY jobs aren't an unfamiliar activity for homeowners who love to get things done without spending money they don't have.

In this post, we'll explore the many problems associated with those oft used (though least thought about) objects in our homes: Doors. 

So from fixing scratches and dents, to adjusting mobility and swing, here are 5 DIY repairs for common door problems.

1. Hard to open doors are a headache. But fixing them is easy. First, check to see if the door is rubbing on the frame. If that's not the problem, adjust the hinges. Try to find the problem by sliding a thin sheet of paper between the door and the jamb, and look for spots that rubbed. It may need shaved down.

2. A rattling frame can rattle the nerves. As the strike plate sees years of use (and paint), it starts to recess. Simply unscrew it and add a few shims, then reattach the plate. If that's not the issue, it's time to adjust the latch position, or move it completely. 

3. The hinge screws have fallen out of a cheap door. Though it sounds terrible, it isn't. Fill the gap with gap-filling glue. Clean out any offending matter, apply lubricant to the hinge, wait until dry, then reattach. 

4. Sliding doors stick. As time progresses, sliding doors become more of a pain to use. They often stick after a few years. Easily fix this by cleaning the track with soap and water, vacuum debris, and lubricate the rollers. If that didn't fix it, try replacing the rollers.

5. A door has unsightly dents or scratches. Simply sand small scratches and buff them out. Paint over them when finished. Fill larger dents with epoxy or spackling paste and paint (or stain) over them. Done and done. 

Need a hand? We can help! Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how our handyman service can fix everything from ceiling fans to the kitchen sink. There is no project too large or too small.






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