How Much Value Will Bathroom Remodeling Add to Your Home?

One of the biggest questions on the mind of any homeowner is which remodeling projects provide the biggest return on investment. Everyone wants to know that the expense of the improvements is worth it in the end. When reviewing the list of possible upgrades or improvements, it is important to weigh the cost of projects against the dollar value they add to the selling price of the home. Without question, bathroom remodeling falls high on the list.

Bathrooms and kitchens are consistently named as the two make-or-break areas when a home buyer evaluates a home for potential purchase. Bathroom remodeling is fast overtaking kitchen remodeling as the most important selling point of a home. Home buyers want to see a comfortable, stylish, and convenient design. These can be easily achieved in a bathroom with minimal investment.

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Bathrooms tend to be smaller, so wall and floor finishes will cost less because there is simply less square footage to cover. Additionally, a bathroom doesn't require expensive appliances to update its look. According to a 2014 cost-vs-value report, a mid-range bathroom remodel recouped 72.5% of its remodeling costs upon sale.

Of course, finding the right general contractor to ensure quality work and to advise you of what trends home buyers are looking for. Whether you're considering a full bathroom remodel or a cosmetic update, providing a comfortable and stylish bathroom provides an excellent return on investment.

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