In-Law Suites: Ideal Home Additions for Multi-Generational Families | Washington DC

In-Law Suites: Ideal Home Additions for Multi-Generational Families | Washington DC

These days, multi-generational households are becoming much more common. Unfortunately, it doesn't make sharing living spaces with different generations of your family any easier. For that, you'll need home additions in the form of an in-law suite; it can solve many issues that arise from living in a multi-generational family.

You Don't Have to See Each Other Every Day

The greatest beauty of having an in-law suite is that unless you really want to, you don't actually have to see your in-laws every day. Because let's be real for a minute here: Even if you like your in-laws a whole lot, you probably don't want to constantly be under their observation.

Separate Entrance for Less Disturbance in the Night

Living under the same roof with your grown children? Then you know how capable they are at disturbing your sleep in the middle of the night. Having a separate entrance for your grown children will get rid of the nightly disturbances that are a cause of them coming through the front door late at night.

Unmesh Personal Items

Sharing a house shouldn't mean that you have to share personal items. With an in-law suite, you can easily keep your belongings separate from other family members. If you add a kitchen to the in-law suite, you can even keep your groceries and cooked food separate. And that can be great if you're trying to teach your grown kids how to be more independent while living at home.

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