Indoor Gardening Promotes Better Air Quality in Homes | Kensington, MD

Indoor Gardening Promotes Better Air Quality in Homes | Kensington, MD

Many people think of gardening as a therapeutic hobby that helps you learn more about plants as you draw closer to nature. Outdoor gardening is the more traditional way of planting and harvesting various herbs and vegetables, however, you have to take a break from your garden in the harsh winter months. Have you considered moving your garden indoors?

Indoor gardens, or grow rooms, allow you to grow your favorite foods year-round. In addition to the space needed to start your grow room, whether it be a cabinet, shelve, or spare room, your plants will also need light to photosynthesize and survive indoors.

Our friends at DIY and Crafts share with us a few plants that made NASA's list for the top houseplants that provide a purer and cleaner indoor air quality:

Aloe Vera

These plants are known for their "healing" ability. It is easy to grow, and hard to kill even for those who aren't home gardening pros yet. Your home will be free from the harmful chemical benzene which is directly connected to paint and other chemical cleaners.

Peace Lily

This plant has been said to improve your indoor air quality by as much as 60 percent. The spores on their leaves help to reduce levels of mold throughout your home. Place these plants in your bathroom and they will keep your shower area free from mildew.

Spider Plant

This plant is absolutely painless to grow, and in a matter of days it can remove up to 90 percent of the toxins in your indoor air. Its leaves sprout quickly and disallow harmful substances like mold, dust, and other allergens to cloud your air.

English Ivy

The benefit of these beauties are endless! All of you pet owners should have these hanging around your house to absorb trace amounts of fecal matter in the atmosphere. Some studies show that these plants can improve your focus by absorbing chemicals that are commonly found in your office equipment.

Boston Fern

These plants are beautiful and beneficial as they act as humidifiers to restore moisture in the air. These plants are perfect for people who struggle with dry skin and other physical dryness problem areas.

You are on the right track to starting your indoor garden! You have all of the supplies and seeds needed to plant, you just bought the right grow lights for your particular plants, so now it’s time to show your babies a little T.L.C., or tender loving care.

Aside from the aesthetically pleasing reasons as to why indoor gardening can benefit your home, these plants improve the overall air quality in your living space. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air pollution is two to five times greater than outdoor air pollution.

Studies by NASA show that there are certain houseplants that drastically clean the air in its vicinity, and in return help you breathe a little easier. Most of us know that plants take in carbon dioxide as food and release oxygen and water vapor into the air as a by-product.

Indoor gardening is becoming quite the “modern” thing to do, and is very popular among urban dwellers. The recent studies have shown that respiratory disorders and chronic illnesses are increasing for citizens of urban areas and heavily populated cities. If everyone had at least one plant, it would positively effect millions homes and increase your mental and physical well-being. Wherever they are around your home, plants add an effortless and natural living beauty to your everyday environment, with an added bonus of an improved air quality. Contact us for more tips and information for your home. 

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