Is a General Contractor Important when Sub-Contractors Seem to do All the Labor? | Washington DC

Is a General Contractor Important when Sub-Contractors Seem to do All the Labor? | Washington DC

A great question. Something that many homeowners who are ready to begin a big project may be asking. The short answer is, if you didn't see this coming, yes. A general contractor is an important facet to getting a big job done, organizing all the details, managing the sub-contractors, and ensuring the quality of work. 

General contractors work in a different realm than sub-contractors. They use the "big picture," and have their hand in every pot going on. Their specialty isn't relegated to simply electrical, plumbing, or building, they have years of experience coupled with vast knowledge of the entire building process. They step in to make sure the job's done, and will not leave until you are satisfied.


If you chose to hire a general contractor from the onset, what you get is a complete and organized team. That's because general contractors typically have their own crew, who are usually licensed, bonded, and certified to complete any job you want done. Plus, when a job needs outside expertise, a general contractor has many outlets in which to choose, so you don't have to.


For those who choose to hire a general contractor, they get professional service and the peace of mind that everything is taken care of. They bring with them insurance for the safety of the crew as well as the work. Because something that many homeowners don't think of is, if you act as a general contractor yourself, you assume all legal responsibility and liability for injuries and any damage that may occur. 

Hiring a general contractor to get a job done means you get top-notch work with the assurance of quality. If an unforeseen problem comes up, many times the general contractor assumes the financial responsibility, leaving you to worry about even less.

At the end of the day it is all up to you, of course, if you decide to hire a general contractor. But bare in mind that if you do, you will be getting a professional with years of experience that can take all the stress away from you so that you can enjoy the work when they're done.

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