Keeping up with Home Repair While you are Away | Chevy Chase, MD

Keeping up with Home Repair While you are Away | Chevy Chase, MD

Keeping up with home repair may seem difficult while you are renting your home, but we've got some ways to make that task a bit easier.


Before you leave your home, establish or confirm your trust in a contractor to care for your home when you are away. While the property manager may likely have the most contact with your renters, your contractor can ensure you have timely and cost-efficient repairs, when needed.

One task you can do with a contractor before leaving is walk through your home to ensure the structure and appliances are in their top condition when you depart. The most common fix to have within the first year of having renters in your home is the garbage disposal or dishwasher. These appliances can be pricey to fix or replace, so checking all parts are functioning is worth the time. You may also consider extending the manufacturers warranty with your appliances as insurance for more costly repairs.

Minor Repairs

Some renters are meticulous about imperfections within your home, while some are less concerned with the appearance of your home. Having a small fund to quickly cover those little repairs will reduce the need for big out of pocket repairs down the line (most property managers have about $300 in a reserve). Before you leave, you can ask your contractor if they are available for those minor repairs or if it is more cost efficient for you to work with a close friend or family member.

Major Repairs

For the garage door that was hit or a fence post damaged beyond repair in a major storm, you should hire a professional contractor. This is where having a good relationship with them before moving is extremely helpful. Your property manager can call you with the bad news and you are prepared for your contractor to help you. Your $300 reserve may be used in its entirety, but it will be worth it to ensure your home is not in disrepair while you are thousands of miles away.

Coming Home Again

The saying is true - you can come home again, but it may cost you. The consistent relationship you have had with your property manager and contractor may have saved you from major repairs when you return. To ensure your home is move in ready again, contact your property manager and contractor to do a walk through and ensure that all facilities are in working order. This way, your contractor can have repairs completed before you come home and alleviate one more stress from the move.

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