Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget: Six Tips to Help You Save Money

Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget: Six Tips to Help You Save Money

When it comes to increasing the value of your home, your kitchen is arguably the most important room in your house. Make no mistake: when it's time to sell your house, the look and functionality of your kitchen matter. Yet, many people shy away from remodeling outdated kitchens, reasoning that the undertaking would be too large and the price too great. While completely overhauling a kitchen is often a pricey endeavor, there are several ways you can remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank. Consider the following tips for kitchen remodeling on a budget:

Give your cabinets a makeover. If you're tired of staring at outdated kitchen cabinets but the thought of installing completely new cabinets makes you clutch your wallet in fear, consider a little makeover instead. Start by giving those cabinets a fresh coat of paint. If you're feeling particularly bold, go for a pop of color. Orange, yellow, and green are all popular color choices and add a stylish flair to your kitchen. After your cabinets are freshly painted, it's time to update the hardware. You can go for a classic, timeless look by choosing cabinetry hardware with a brushed nickel finish. Or, you might consider going the fun, quirky route with statement hardware; think utensil-shaped knobs. Either way, your freshly made-over cabinets will result in an instantly updated appearance for your kitchen.

Update the lighting. Let's face it: fluorescent lighting is a thing of the past. So, if your kitchen still features this less-than-flattering light, it's time for a change. Track lighting is a modern-- and relatively inexpensive-- replacement option for outdated lighting. Or, you might consider a pendant light instead. These stylish light fixtures can immediately transform a room. And, since they're available at most major home improvement stores and numerous online retailers, you can shop around for the best bargain.

Add some backsplash. Many people immediately dismiss backsplash as a remodeling option, thinking it is much too expensive to even consider. However, backsplash generally covers a relatively small area, which makes it more much affordable than people realize. With many designs and patterns available, backsplash is an excellent way to transform your cooking area. An added bonus: it's both stylish and functional.

Do some appliance shopping. You don't have to replace large and expensive appliances to add a fun touch to your kitchen's new look. Instead, consider replacing some of the smaller appliances, like your toaster. Think of your small appliances as accessories for your kitchen, and shop for new ones accordingly. Go for fun, bright colors to really spice up the appearance of your newly made-over kitchen.

Consider above-window shelving. For a unique, attractive addition to your kitchen, consider adding some above-window shelving. This shelving is not only fun and stylish, it can also prove to be very functional. For example, you can use it to display collectible items, pottery, or small house plants.

Add some laminate flooring. Do your kitchen floors desperately need an update but hardwood flooring is out of your budget? Consider laminate flooring instead. Not only is laminate more affordable than hardwood flooring, it's also more durable-- meaning it stands up to spills and foot traffic from both kids and pets. And today's laminate is not the laminate of years past; in fact, modern laminate mimics the look of hardwood and tile.

Remember: updating your kitchen doesn't have to send you into debt. There are plenty of options that are both affordable and attractive. If you're ready to begin the kitchen remodeling process, contact us today to learn how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you!


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