Kitchen Remodeling Tips: The Benefits and Disadvantages Behind Installing a Quartz Countertop | Washington DC

Kitchen Remodeling Tips: The Benefits and Disadvantages Behind Installing a Quartz Countertop | Washington DC

As you navigate your way through the kitchen remodeling process, choosing the perfect countertops can be a bit overwhelming. With numerous options available, selecting the material and style that best suits your design scheme may feel close to impossible. However, learning about the pros and cons that accompany certain materials can assist you in arriving at your final decision with greater ease. To help you narrow down your options, we've listed the advantages and disadvantages of choosing quartz for your kitchen countertops.

The 411 on Quartz

  • Quartz countertops are also known as engineered stone countertops. Due to the manufacturing process, quartz comes in a large variety of colors which surpasses the color choices you have with natural stones. Whether you prefer an earth tone or you're looking for a bright pop of color, quartz most likely has the hue you desire.

  • If you're looking for a durable countertop that can withstand the abuse high-use kitchens often take, quartz is the right choice for you. While its strength rivals granite or concrete, its ability to combat chips, scratches and cracks more easily, makes quartz an extremely attractive investment.

  • Kitchens are meant to be messy when you're preparing a meal. Unfortunately, the meal-making process can turn into a stressful game of don't stain the countertop when you select the wrong type of material. Luckily, due to its nonporous attribute, quartz eliminates the likelihood of a spill marring your newly installed countertops. While avoiding stains is a huge benefit, bacteria resistance also goes hand in hand with a nonporous surface, which turns cleaning up after cooking a much easier job.

  • While other countertop materials, like concrete and butcher block need to be sealed and then resealed in a few years, quartz, on the other hand, does not require any type of sealing maintenance.

  • Fortunately, the disadvantages that accompany a quartz countertop are extremely limited. For most homeowners the biggest concern is the price. While quartz is a high-end investment, its durability makes the expense worth it in the long run. The only other con that truly stands out is the level of heat resistance quartz possesses. Although, granite has a higher resistance, simply applying caution while setting down a hot dish on your quartz countertop will resolve the issue.

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