Making the Right Paint Color Work Requires Solid Research and Keen Application | Bethesda, MD

Making the Right Paint Color Work Requires Solid Research and Keen Application | Bethesda, MD

Are the walls in your home drab, boring, or forgettable? Are you ready for a big change? Many people go a long time in between paint jobs, not realizing how much new wall painting can make a huge difference in their home's entire atmosphere and feeling.

But before you rush out and buy a few gallons of any old paint, or call a professional, consider how the color you choose will effect your room. Too bold and you may contrast your decorations. Too muted and you may have just wasted your efforts. Research color swatches and take your time for best results.

Here are some additional tips:

- Don't just think about a single room when you paint. Consider the rest of your house so that the color you select is complimentary. Be cohesive in your design palette and reap the benefits. 

- If you've picked a color that you are worried may be too drastic, try painting a smaller area with it before going all out, or use it as an accent. Feel it out then do the work.

- If you are doing an entire room re-deco, pick your paint color at the end. Match it to other colors you have already chosen, so the colors are easier to work out. You will find that doing this process in reverse is rather difficult.

- Not all white paints are created equal. Human eyes can't detect subtle differences in paint, it takes a computer to do that. Carry a color card or a sample of the paint you like with you so matching it to other aspects won't be as perplexing.

- Remember to look into room lighting when choosing paint colors. Too much ambient light can wash out certain colors, and too little can cause weak presentation. Proper light should work with your color selection.

Picking the right color can be taxing (and sometimes stressful), but it's important to select what you want and what fulfills your imagination. If you need help, please feel free to contact us for all of your painting and papering needs.





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