Painting Home Exterior: DIY or Pro? | Washington DC

Painting Home Exterior: DIY or Pro? | Washington DC

You may be tempted to save money on your home renovation by painting your home exterior yourself instead of hiring painters. However, painting the exterior of your home is not as simple as painting a room in your house. Learn what to expect if you hire professional painting & papering experts and if you consider doing this yourself.

What to expect: DIY

If you opt to paint your house yourself, you'll need to purchase or rent equipment that lets you get up to the second story of the house. You'll also want to invest in painting equipment that makes the job easier. Needless to say, your equipment purchases can add up pretty quickly, and you may be spending a lot of money on things that you won't need again. 

If your home has a lot of exterior decoration, such as trims or mouldings, it makes the job more complex. In this case, you might wish to hire a professional. 

Exterior home painting takes a long time, and much of the work involved is not painting but preparation. If you're not up for scraping old paint, cleaning up the surface, patching holes, scrubbing mold, and covering exterior landscaping plants, then you're best off hiring a professional. 

What to expect from professional painters

Exterior painters can finish the job quickly and in a professional manner, and have the skills and knowledge needed to get the job done right and to tackle difficult-to-reach areas. They can deliver a job that looks good and lasts for a long time, whether repainting an old home or painting a new home.

Most exterior painters will offer you a free custom quote so you know how much the job will cost and can budget accordingly. 

Don't wait to hire a professional until you have tried painting the outside of your home and decided that it isn't for you. If you make a mistake, the job can end up costing you more because the professionals will have to spend more time undoing your mistakes. 

To obtain an estimate for home exterior painting, or to talk about anything else, contact us.






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