Painting & Papering: Dreaming of Life Like Walls | Georgetown

Painting & Papering: Dreaming of Life Like Walls | Georgetown

When you look up at the picturesque sunset up in the sky, your first instinct is often to grab a camera and get a great shot. What if you had a way to find the painting & papering colors that perfectly match that sunset picture, without a huge hassle?

There's a way to do this with the use of an app that connects to a handheld product called a NODE. This product is basically a way to touch the things that are illusions on smartphones and tablets.

When searching for the best possible color to paint your living room walls, you don't have to go to the hardware store and pick up a stack of those papers that showcase the shades of orange that they offer. You can look around all the world in front of you, find what color suits you the most, and bring it to the store to find the match.

With your smart device, you have a world of painting possibility at your fingertips. Take this next example of finding the best wall color for your living room.

Suppose you are sitting on your living room couch one day and realize something important; you want your couch to blend with your wall, to make the room feel larger. What can you do? The color of the couch is a shade of blue that you haven't been able to find at the store. This instance is exactly where use of a product of that sort comes in. You can use it to find the exact color you need, take it to the store and buy that color. 

When your family and friends see the work you've done, they will likely marvel at how you found the best color possible, and you can tell them you found it at Smith Thomas and Smith.

For more helpful information on finding these great colors, please feel free to contact us. Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.






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