Springtime Means Interior Painting Projects Are in the Air [painting & papering] | Georgetown

Springtime Means Interior Painting Projects Are in the Air [painting & papering] | Georgetown

After a long, cold winter, there's just something about spring that makes us want to start fresh. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, newness is in the air, so why not bring some of that renewal indoors by beginning a spring painting project? 

Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Picking a Color

When you arrive at the paint or hardware store, you will likely have an idea as to what impression you'll want to make in the room you have chosen. But take one look around, and you'll see that there are thousands of colors to choose from. Don't let this discourage you. Just imagine what mood you want to create, and pick your color.

Kitchen: Think active and high-traffic, and try bold, bright colors.

Bedroom: Imagine soft and relaxing hues that create a subtly restful mood.

Family Room: Deep, soothing colors. Or open and airy, depending on the design. 

Dining Room: For a formal look, use warm neutrals, deep tones, and dark shades.

Playroom: Pick vibrant and bright, high-energy colors.

Choosing a Finish

After you pick a color, you'll then have to decide what base finish to have it mixed in. The finish you choose, however, will decide on the room you'll be painting.

Flat: Doesn't reflect light, so it hides imperfections well. However, it does not clean well. So it would be a bad choice for a kitchen or playroom.

Eggshell: Somewhat understated in shine, a bit easier to clean, but doesn't hide imperfections as well as flat. 

Satin: Because of its medium gloss and smooth shine it works pretty well in kitchens or baths. Imperfections aren't well-hidden, but it is washable and withstands humidity.

Semi-gloss: The "go to" for kitchens and baths, as well as high-traffic areas, around floors, on baseboards and trim. It's a tough finish that can handle being washed and withstands humidity.

Overwhelmed? We understand. So if you want to get the job done expertly, and transform a room in a snap, there's nothing wrong with hiring a professional to get the job done. Just pick up the phone (301-656-0141) to discuss ideas. Or simply contact us by email for all of your home remodeling needs.

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