Taking Painting Risks in Your Home Add Personality and Uniqueness | Chevy Chase, MD

Taking Painting Risks in Your Home Add Personality and Uniqueness | Chevy Chase, MD

While your home may feel content, what opinion do you have of your wall colors? Often, people take great time (and pride) in decorating their home, but forget one of the most important factors for creating mood: painting and papering.

In this post, we'll cover some ways for homeowners to step up and take some risks with their painting. From how to add contrast with bright colors to ways to make muted colors more vibrant with trim accents. Read on to learn more.

Don't Be Afraid of Black

For a log time black was off the home painter's radar. It wasn't sold in large quantities and having it mixed was a pain. But as times have changed, black has proven very useful in home decor. Use it as trim accent to make lighter colors pop. Also, with gold and brass becoming trend this year, black is perfect as a highlight.

Chase Away Blues

Or, rather, don't. Instead, use them. Light blues, dark blues, aquamarines, and so on are not just shades of the deep blue sea. They are also ways of adding interest and contrast to a room that needs some vibrancy. Consider replacing average whites and eggshells with some wonderfully one-of-a-kind blues.

Mellow Yellow

Yellow as an accent wall color in a room that is in need of brightening up will surely brighten your day. Use canary yellows to announce your room in style. Consider, also, using yellows as an exuberant backdrop for darker furnitures, like in a dining room.

Bring the Forrest In

Hunter and Kelly greens are timeless choices for places like the bedroom. But they also do quite well in sitting rooms, or in places you spend much of your time relaxing and lounging. Greens are bright during the day, and ease you into contentment at night. 

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