Three Home Repairs You’ll Need to Look Out for After Summer | Chevy Chase, MD

Three Home Repairs You’ll Need to Look Out for After Summer | Chevy Chase, MD

Once summer has come to an end, you may be looking forward to the holidays and getting back into the groove with working or buckling down for school. Regardless of what plans you have, it’s important to focus on any home repair work you may need to do. Taking care of any necessary repairs for your home before fall and winter arrives can ensure that your home will be in great shape all year long.

Deck Refinishing

If your home has an attached deck, it likely sees a lot of action during the summer due to parties or relaxing outdoors with your family. It can be a disaster if your deck were to collapse due to weakened support beams or other parts that needed repairs. Doing a full inspection of your deck can help give you an idea of whether it needs to be refinished by a professional.

Replacing Your HVAC Unit

Most homeowners consider their HVAC unit an essential part of summer living. In order for you to keep the heating and cooling for your home in tip-top shape, you’ll need to get the unit maintained. This generally includes cleaning and replacing any worn parts.

Fixing Plumbing Issues

Since you may often use sprinklers or your pool during the summer, you’ll need to get the plumbing attended to before colder weather arises. Malfunctions in the pipes of your plumbing can be disastrous and very expensive to repair during the fall and winter, making urgent repairs crucial.

Taking care of home repairs once summer is over is an important part of being a homeowner, but the work involved can be overwhelming. Please contact us for helpful advice and quotes for the services you need.

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