Three Tips for Residential Design and Building Projects

Three Tips for Residential Design and Building Projects

From residential bathroom remodeling to more general remodeling projects, residential design and building is a huge industry in the United States, generating an estimated $47 billion in revenue. But before you start your own residential design and building project, you likely have some questions: for example, where do you start? How can you create a home that will grow and age with your family? How can you implement features you will actually use? Follow these remodeling and construction tips to get the house you want, now and in the future!

Think About Your Windows
Studies have found that installing new windows as part of your remodel can return as much as 77% of the initial investment cost. This is because new windows can help prevent energy loss and temperature changes, reducing your electricity bills. New windows can also help increase your property's value. However, even if you have no plans to sell your home, new windows can have a significant effect on the appearance and style of your home: whether you choose bay windows, double windows, or even french doors, you'll benefit from the abundance of natural light and the look of the feature    .

Consider What Your Bathroom Needs
Bathroom renovations are among the most common projects completed by residential remodeling services, and for good reason: an improved bathroom has an average ROI of 63.6%. But while you might be dreaming of a spa-like setting, it is important to consider how your bathroom will be used, especially as you or your family members age. Multiple shower heads, for example, are easily accessible to people of all heights and ability levels, while a curbless shower is a chic and convenient option for those with limited mobility. Don't forget to consider slip proof flooring and plenty of hooks to hang your towels on!

Create a Convenient Kitchen
The kitchen is often described as the center of the home, but if your residential design and building project makes it an inconvenient space, you'll likely find yourself making excuses to get takeout. Look for flooring with good traction, and make sure you have plenty of work space to cook without unnecessary frustration. Pay special attention to your storage: most items should be stored between knee and shoulder level, so keep the heights of everyone in your home in mind.

When it comes to designing and implementing your renovations, there are a lot of things you should keep in mind to avoid unnecessary stress and help your home fit your needs as you grow and change. Whether you're planning to change up your bathroom, your kitchen, or some other part of your home, convenience and ease should be your goal. Fortunately, these qualities don't have to be sacrificed to achieve the beautiful look you want! For more ideas on how to create a home you'll love living in, contact a general remodeling company to discuss your residential design and build.

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