Top Benefits of Quartz Counter Tops for Your Kitchen Remodeling | Washington DC

Top Benefits of Quartz Counter Tops for Your Kitchen Remodeling | Washington DC

One of the most important features to consider for your kitchen remodeling is the counter tops. This is because the counter tops are used often while cooking. Since they are used so often you want to be sure that you have counter tops that are resistant to stains, spills, cracks, and more. This will allow you to keep them around for a descent number of years before having to deal with replacement. Counter tops made of quartz material will provide the long lasting effect you are looking for and more.

Durability Benefits of Quartz Counter Tops:

  • High Lifespan:  Quartz lasts about 25 to 50 years. The number of years will vary depending on how often the counter tops are used in your kitchen.  
  • Resistant to Hot Temperatures: Since the counter tops are around the stove top and oven you want to be sure that it is protected from the hot temperatures. This way you will not have to be nervous to cook in your own kitchen for fear of causing damage to the counter tops. 
  • Resistant to Cracks and Chips: You can not easily crack or chip quartz. Even if you accidentally bang a pot, pan or any other kitchenware on the counter it will not ruin the material. 

Health and Cleanliness Benefits of Quartz Counter Tops:

  • Microban: When manufactured Microban is added into the quartz material. Microban will help to fight off bacteria that is found on the counter tops to add extra protection against viruses and food-bourne illness. Microban works to penetrate bacteria in a way that prevents it from reproducing.
  • Non-Porous: The quartz material is non-porous making it resistant to stains. Any spills are going to sit on top of the counter instead of sinking into the surface. This prevents the need for sealing, which is required for other materials such as granite. 
  • Green:  Quartz counter tops release little radon, which is a gas that has been found to pollute indoor air. Radon testing is done in an enclosed area in order to detect levels that have been released into the environment. Since this testing has been done to quartz counter tops it can be certified as a green product because it does not cause extreme harm to indoor air quality.

Stylistic Benefits of Quartz Counter Tops:

  • Variety of Colors: When quartz is manufactured, pigmentation is added into the material to produce consistent coloration. This gives the freedom to create a wide range of colors that you can choose from. Choosing the right color counter tops for your kitchen will enhance the overall app.
  • Natural: Quartz is a stone material, which makes it natural in appearance and attractive in any home.

Although quartz is typically more expensive than other materials, you will find that the cost is worth the number of benefits that come with it. If you are interested in learning more, contact us.



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