Topics in Painting & Papering: Foraging For Wall Colors With A Color Helper Tool | Chevy Chase, MD

Topics in Painting & Papering: Foraging For Wall Colors With A Color Helper Tool | Chevy Chase, MD

You've bought or moved into someplace new -- a home, condo, apartment, shack, or shipping container (yes, shipping containers make excellent homes too!) Now you're thinking about painting or papering the interior walls. Painting is the easiest of the two, but how should you select the colors?

Maybe you can let the colors pick you through the use of an awesome color helper tool we recently became fond of. This tool, combined with a little bit of creative color foraging, can make this task easy and exciting.

To get started, first you must obtain the color helper device. It's easy, since you can purchase one online. Once you have the color helper tool in hand, pick a day and a favorite location or two or five for some creative color foraging.

Ideally, the locations should be places you have visited before and enjoy. Most likely you will find some colors in those spaces that appeal to you, colors that seem to call you when you first arrive. When you find such a color, whip out the handy color helper and snag a sample. Do this throughout the day as you visit your favorite spots. Bring a friend to double your fun!

When you get back home and are rested -- maybe with some hot tea or other beverage in hand, review your color selections from the day. Narrow to a few favorites. The color helper tool also has a feature called "Color Advisor" which is useful in learning about hues to complement your foraged selections.

In determining your final wall paint colors, it's usually best to order samples of your favorite top 3 and apply a swipe to various rooms to get an idea of its fit. Let it stay on the wall for a few days and daily ask yourself, or guests, "Is this a color I can live with?"

Finally, be bold and take courage, for the next step is the ultimate commitment -- purchase the paint(s) in quantities large enough for your project and hire a professional to redo your walls!

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