Trusted General Contractor Gives 7 Winter Home Improvement Tips | Georgetown

Trusted General Contractor Gives 7 Winter Home Improvement Tips | Georgetown

It's no secret, winter is finally here. By now, many of you have already committed yourself to a long winter's nap, readying yourself for the spring thaw that will begin to peak through in a few short months. 

So while you can't do anything to stop the colder air from descending upon you, what you can do is keep yourself warm and cozy inside your home with just a few simple home improvements.

Here are 7 home tweaks you can employ brought to your by your local, trusted general contractor.

- Trust in caulk and sealant: Seal up cracks and holes around your home with some weather-approved sealant. It will keep cold air out, warm air in, and stop any insects or pests from invading your space.

- Help insulate with area rugs: A few extra area rugs will insulate an area and provide some extra comfort for your home. This is especially true with wood floors.

- Electrical outlets cause concern: Sometimes after outlets are installed the wall space behind them becomes a beacon for cold air. Feel around your outlets for a draft and seal accordingly.

- Attics need extra care: If you've never been in an attic in winter, then you may not know how cold they get. Think of your attic door the same as you would any other and insulate it from the cold.

- Apply insulation where needed: As your home ages, crawl spaces degrade. This allows cold air to find its way into your living areas. Don't be afraid to apply foam insulation into your crawl spaces to stop this infiltration.

- Install a programmable thermostat: Ever wish you could adjust your home's temperature when your at work? When no one is home? When you're in bed? With a programmable thermostat, you can do that and more. Some even work in conjunction with your smart phone.

- Don't underestimate ceiling fans: If you have a ceiling fan, flip the switch near the motor to reverse the fan rotation (warm air will be brought to the floor). Don't have a ceiling fan? Consider installing one. It will also keep you cool in summer.

We know it's cold. But don't let the cold bring you the winter blues. We can help winterize your home in a flash. Please contact us with any questions and concerns you may have.





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