Update Your Attic with Extensive Home Remodeling Projects | Georgetown

If you enjoy entertaining guests throughout the year, but are struggling to find enough space in your home, it may be time to look at your attic for a home remodeling project. Many homeowners leave the attic to simply be storage space, but you could be missing out on valuable space if the space is unfinished. In order to add valuable square footage to your home, consider making the following upgrades.

Invest in Soundproofing

While it’s impossible to eliminate all sound from the attic if you decide to use the space as a theater, gaming room, or bedroom, you can reduce it significantly by investing in soundproofing. Getting the walls and flooring soundproofed will help make the attic feel like a true addition to the home.

Replace Outdated Flooring

Older flooring is common in attics, often in the form of worn out wooden or laminate floors. This can be very unwelcoming, making it a good idea to get the floors ripped out and replaced. Carpeting is an especially popular option due to the soundproofing it can provide.

Make Room for Proper Storage

Storage space is so important in any home, especially if you previously depended on your attic for extra storage. Converting your attic doesn’t mean you need to give up all this extra storage space, but simply that you’ll need to find a more attractive storage method. This means installing new shelving and buying boxes that can help keep things tidy.

Get Electrical Work Done

Having proper lighting in the attic is as simple as getting electrical work in this space, allowing for the installation of new ceiling or wall-mounted lights.

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Photo Courtesy of Ben Husmann