Washington, DC: What’s on Top of Your Springtime Handyman Services' List? | Chevy Chase

It’s springtime in Washington, DC and people are busy preparing their existing homes for warm weather entertaining or searching for a new place to call their own. So, what are the top projects on your handyman services' list? Do you want to build a deck or install a fence? Maybe installing outdoor lighting or repainting the house inside and out is on your agenda. Either way, it’s generally best to start with projects that will save you money in the long run.

Projects that often make the top of our handyman services’ springtime list involve roof and gutter repair. After all, everyone wants to prevent water damage to their Washington, DC, or Maryland homes.  Good things to check for at this time are ice damming damage left over from the winter, pinhole leaks and tired looking shingles that may have overstayed their welcome.

Spring is also a great time to consider weatherproofing homes. That way, air conditioners will be able to operate optimally once things heat up in DC and the surrounding areas. Weatherproofing tasks may be as simple as re-caulking windows or replacing worn out, exterior doors and adding more weather-stripping. Depending on the situation, it may be time to replace the home’s windows too.

Finally, it never hurts to add more storage space and get organized. Plus, if you ever decide to sell the home, you’ll likely find that most potential buyers generally consider extra storage space a plus. To that end, a great handyman services company can help you ensure that the new or existing closets are well-built, spacious and attractive.

To learn more about our handyman services and get your property ready for warm weather fun, please contact us at Smith Thomas & Smith, Inc. We’ve been consistently providing excellent, general contracting services to Washington, DC’s residents since 1960.