Custom Cabinetry

Since 1960, homeowners in Bethesda and Washington have trusted us with their home renovations. Here at Smith Thomas & Smith we offer a broad range of services, and one of them is custom cabinetry.

Visit any house and you'll find cabinets in use in various rooms. For example, the kitchen will have units to store plates, cutlery, and glasses. The living room may have cabinets on some walls. Sports personalities may even have glass cabinets to showcase their achievements such as medals.

Why your home needs custom cabinetry

Some homeowners prefer to go down the DIY route and build "flat-packed" cabinets. Yes, they are affordable options for the budget-conscious. But, they also have their downsides. First of all, there's no guarantee that you'll end up with superior quality. Such kits often comprise of MDF wood and vinyl or faux finishes.

There's also the question of assembly to consider. If you're not a keen DIYer, you'll find the experience stressful rather than rewarding! On top of that, you will also need to invest in the right tools to carry out the work. Build-it-yourself cabinets seldom come with any tools to complete the project.

Another issue with such cabinets is you won't end up with something unique to your home. It's likely you'll come across someone that has identical cabinets to yours. They may not be a deal breaker for some folks, but it's still an important point to raise.

So, what benefits can you enjoy from custom cabinetry? Well, the obvious one is that you end up with a customized solution! No two homes are ever the same. That means you can't end up with a "one size fits all" solution. The idea behind custom cabinetry is that you have a solution unique to your property.

It doesn't matter if you've got odd-shaped rooms. You can still achieve your goals by having Smith Thomas & Smith build you some cabinets!

Why it makes sense to use Smith Thomas & Smith

The other selling point of custom cabinetry is that you'll end up with a flawless finish. That's because we make all your cabinets by hand. Our skilled craftsmen have years of experience building the perfect cabinets for our clients.

Some of our competitors may not have much industry experience. That means they may not always know the best materials or ways to achieve certain results. Let's face it; the last thing you want to do is end up with cabinets that don't meet your needs in full.

The custom cabinetry process

If you want Smith Thomas & Smith to craft your cabinets, you're no doubt wondering what to do next. First of all, we will arrange to visit you in your home at a date and time convenient to you. Of course, you're welcome to give us a brief overview by phone or email. But, we will still need to see where your new cabinets will get installed.

Next, we will discuss your requirements with you. As you can appreciate, our clients all have different style, size, and budget needs. That's why it is crucial we have a full understanding of what it is you want and how much you wish to spend.

We will then measure the location of your new cabinets. Doing so helps us to craft cabinets that are a perfect fit for your chosen location. The last thing you want is for us to build cabinets that are too big or too small for your needs!

Once we've got the details we need, we will then design a plan and provide you with a quote. If you're happy so far, we can then agree on a completion and installation date with you.

The cabinet making process itself gets carried out by our team of master craftsmen. We ensure the cabinets we build are strong, durable and within spec. Anything less than perfect, even for reasons like minor blemishes, will get rejected.

We want you to enjoy high-quality, superior cabinets. That's the difference of using Smith Thomas and Smith for your custom cabinetry needs.

What if I don't know what I want?

That's no problem! Some of our clients may have specific requirements while others aren't so sure. We are always happy to help people that may need some inspiration for their homes. Of course, we would always suggest that you take a look at our "Interiors" photo galleries for a start. That way, you can also see the quality of our work.

Are you ready to get started? Call us today on 301-656-0141 or send us an email via our Contact page.