Home Additions - Large & Small

We all do some kind of improvements to our homes. We may paint the walls a different color, or we could have new carpets and flooring fitted. But what happens if we run out of habitable space in our houses? The answer, of course, is to consider building an extra room.

You might be in two minds about whether home additions are a good idea or not. After all; can you be sure they'll meet your needs? If you're not convinced, here are four reasons why you should consider adding an extra room in your home:

1. It's cheaper than moving home

The most common route for growing families is to sell up and buy a bigger house elsewhere. Still, that doesn't make it the easiest option or, indeed, the cheapest one! You might not think it, but home additions are cheaper than moving home.

Some people may want a small room for storage while others may need a large new bedroom for guests. It's worth comparing the costs related to both extending your home and moving to another one. You'll find that it's cost-effective to stay where you are and build extra rooms!

2. Home additions can help to foster better family ties

One sad fact of today's modern world is that many people seldom spend time together as a family. That might be down to work or educational reasons, for example. Another may be because younger family members want to play computer games.

The brilliant thing about home additions is that they can help to foster better family ties. Wouldn't it be great if you could all spend more time together as a family? Your home may not have enough space for you all to enjoy meals together, for example.

3. You add value to your house

One of the major selling points of home additions is that you add value to your property! People often extend their houses to add extra bedrooms or to make existing ones bigger.

Let's say that the layout of your home and that of your neighbor's property is identical. And let's also assume that both houses have got a small living room space. What if you were to extend your living room and perhaps add another bedroom on the floor above?

Well, by getting such home additions, you are raising the value of your house by a significant amount. That means if you do decide to sell up some day, your house will be worth more than your neighbor's home. It's also likely the added value will cover your home additions costs too!

4. It's a great way to invest your money

Have you been the lucky recipient of a cash windfall recently? If so, you are no doubt wondering what to do with your money. The trouble with typical ideas like savings is that you get a low rate on your return.

But, there is always money to get made in bricks and mortar. Paying for home additions to your property is a brilliant way to invest your money. That's because you are increasing the return you're likely to get when you decide to sell your home.

Why use Smith Thomas & Smith for your home additions?

Now you know why it makes sense to extend your home. Of course, the question is: who should you choose to carry out the work? There are plenty of construction service companies out there. But, if you live in the Bethesda, MD and Washington, DC areas, you should consider us.

Smith Thomas & Smith Inc. are the go-to company for remodeling work. We are residential construction experts. And we've been serving customers in Bethesda and Washington since 1960. With over 55 years of experience, you can be sure that you're hiring professionals when you choose us.

Yes, we offer a high level of premier quality workmanship. But, why else should you choose Smith Thomas & Smith for your home additions needs? First of all, we work with local building material suppliers. That means your projects will cost less because shipping costs are lower.

Second, we've also had the pleasure of working in some of the finest neighborhoods in the area. So, it doesn't matter if you want home additions to a modest property or a sprawling mansion. You can count on us to help you achieve your home extension dreams.

Next steps

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