Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

It's a well-known fact that two of the biggest selling points of any home are the kitchen and bathroom. They are essential rooms used by all occupants and serve a variety of purposes. As you can imagine, they come in all different shapes and sizes.

Does your kitchen or bathroom make you feel underwhelmed? Perhaps they are showing their age and are in desperate need of renovation? In either case, now is the time to do something about it.

Why remodel your kitchen?

It's no secret that your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house. That's because it's the place you go to prepare meals and hang out with other family members. Over time, your kitchen will look a bit lackluster. No amount of cleaning can get rid of permanent marks on flooring and cabinets, for example.

And what if you want to get some new appliances for your kitchen? It's likely that the ones you like won't match the styling of your existing setup.

By now you are no doubt realizing that it's time to have your kitchen remodeled. But, who should you choose to carry out the work? Smith Thomas & Smith are the premier choice for kitchen remodeling in Washington. We've been designing and remodeling new kitchens for our clients since the 1960s, so we know a thing or two!

It doesn't matter if you want a small kitchen repair or a full-scale remodel: we can handle all projects. Our aim is to make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible. We want to ensure that you end up with a functional kitchen that you love. What sets us apart from the rest is that we design your kitchen with your needs in mind.

That means you can count on us to build you the dream kitchen you've always wanted. Here's how the process works with Smith Thomas & Smith:

  • We determine your needs and survey your existing kitchen layout;
  • We come up with some ideas based on your needs and budget;
  • You get presented with a plan of how your remodeled kitchen will look;
  • If you're happy with the process so far, we agree a timescale and get to work.

Our expert team can undertake all kinds of kitchen remodeling work. That includes building new cabinets and counters and installing flooring and lighting. We can even take care of plumbing work, such as upgrading or installing new pipework. And, if you want to have a complete change of layout, we can even reroute existing pipes too.

Why remodel your bathroom?

When it comes to getting ready for the day ahead or relaxing after one, we all head to the bathroom. Let's face it; there's nothing better than having a soak in a nice hot bath! Of course, the experience is not usually a good one if our bathrooms are looking past their best.

The thing about our bathrooms is they can often be a hotbed for bacterial activity. Mold is a common problem in bathrooms because they are the dampest areas in any home. It can attack paint, tile grout and silicone among other materials.

Sure, you can make sure you air the bathroom and clean mold away with some bleach. But, there will be times where the damage is too severe, and a complete remodel is a must.

At Smith Thomas & Smith, we can undertake any bathroom remodeling project. Here's what we do to make sure you get the remodel you want and deserve:

  • We discuss your requirements and budget for your bathroom remodel project;
  • We can help you choose the best accessories to complement your new design;
  • We can also make suggestions on new layout designs. Perfect for maximizing space in smaller bathrooms!

If you're in the Bethesda or Washington area, it's likely we'll get recommended to you. That's because we are the premier choice for bathroom remodeling! Of course, don't just take our word for it. Our previous clients will vouch for our professional approach to any project!

Smith Thomas & Smith can handle bathroom remodeling projects of any size. Some of the things we can do for you include:

  • Installing showers and bathtubs;
  • Tiling walls and floors;
  • Fitting exhaust fans and ventilation;
  • Installing new sinks and faucets; and
  • Designing bespoke lighting and TV/entertainment systems.

What to do next

Are you ready to start talking about your new kitchen or bathroom remodel project with us? Just give us a call on 301-656-0141 or email us. We're ready to discuss your project with you.