What Are They Saying About Us?


I am writing to express our appreciation for the excellent work Smith, Thomas & Smith performed in the renovation of our apartment. We are very pleased with the result and look forward to many years of living in our beautiful space.

We would especially like to express our thanks for the thoughtful and ever patient attention of Pat Keenan throughout the project and for the excellent work and supervision of Ronnie Edwards during the months involved in the renovation. With respect to the sub-contractors, we especially found Lou Zancan to be professional and responsive to any inquiries we had about the work.

Jim and Donna D., Cathedral Park, D.C.

Thank you for your years of wonderful service!

S., Bethesda, Maryland

The quality of the work is consistently tops. The firm and its sub-contractors always provided terrific quality, work that anyone would be proud of; it was not necessary to call them back to repair a shoddy job. When anyone from the company or its sub-contractors advised a date and time for arrival at our home, we could count on that arrival time being met. When we received an estimate, we could depend on the accuracy of the number. Finally, and most importantly, Tom Brown has been a wonderful person with whom to work. Always pleasant and knowledgeable, Tom can be counted on to provide accurate and timely information and to very promptly return a phone call.

Charlie L., N.W. Washington, D.C.

We are astounded and very grateful that you all considered the repair to the sink legs to be covered under your one-year warranty! The problem, after all was in the product, not your (or your subcontractor's) installation. It is aspects like this — surprises really — that are the root of why we've enjoyed working with you so much.

Martha and Steven C. N.W. Washington, D.C.

2013 marks the 40th year the McKittrick family has lived in 4939 Rockwood Parkway, NW Washington, DC. Early in 1973, before the Closing, I called Buck Smith and asked him if he would evaluate the condition of the house. Buck replied, “Mr. McKittrick, I can send someone out there and charge you $80.00, but I can tell you Smith Thomas has been working with your house for many years and it is in excellent condition.”

Over the years Smith Thomas has built a Sun Room addition to the house, built a large Dressing room, painted inside and out several times, replaced ceilings, repaired stone work in the patio, installed storm doors and windows, arranged for three generations of fencing, etc. Your work has always been excellent. But as we enter this anniversary, I wish to commend the outstanding work that Mike Degnan has done over the many years. His integrity, professionalism, technical skills, and good nature have enabled me to keep the house in top shape in spite of the fact that I have aged along with the house.

So as we reach the 40th anniversary at 4929, I wanted to thank Smith Thomas for all of its valuable work and to especially highlight Mike Degnan for his skilled services.


Charles M., NW Washington, DC

We’ve been telling all our friends and family what a wonderful job all the Smith, Thomas and Smith people have done bringing our home from Before to After. If you need recommendations, ask us. Thanks so much for such expert carpentry, restoration, and painting above all.

Nancy and Dan, NW Washington, DC

Thank you again, Tom, for all of the great work. I am very pleased with the results!

Ann V., Washington DC Area

I just received a bill dated Jan. 3rd. The “credits” have knocked me over. I know now that we’re dealing with a company with integrity. Check will be mailed soon.


Bill M.

Thanks, beautiful job well done – and a pleasure to work with all of you at Smith, Thomas and Smith.

John F., Washington DC Area

I have also had great service from Smith, Thomas & Smith. Very helpful. Very Professional.

Kimberly R. Washington DC Area

Had small repairs done around the house. Most reliable service in NW area.

NW Washington, DC Resident